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I remember this game from years ago, through TB, glad to see it on itch now.

I saw that there have a bunch of requests for a Linux build on itch, let me chime in. Depending on the engine used it is not difficult to do. In case of Unity the support is quite good, it is more a question of the middleware used.

If you decide to give it a shot I gladly help you test it.

I like the theme of this game baby.

Nice graphics and concept .

why is this page so barren? the theme hasnt even been changed from default? It just seems to really undersell just how awesome domina is.


Fair assessment - we just launched on itchio for 2019 and we're working on a new (very large) patch so time is just limited.  But thanks for the nudge!

Oh that's fair then,  didn't realize your were in the middle of crunch.  Best of luck to you guys.


Mac Version online in Beta? Pity, I would have bought it...


Its still in beta because we've only tested it on a handful of systems.  The game is fully playable as the release version, it just may have some bugs still.